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Unhappy How??


Ok, HOW do you do it? HOW do you pull yourself through a day when you have had NO SLEEP due to the PAIN, can barely function due to the PAIN, and yet still have to take care of your certain responsibilities?

TODAY is a HORRIBLE day already and it is only 930am!! I could NOT sleep at all, it was 6am by the time I was actually able to shut my eyes, then at 7am Amiah was awake needing her mommy. Not to mention that I only had 4 hours sleep from the night before.

I don't know how I am going to do it today!! I hurt SO BAD, I am SO TIRED and it is next to impossible to even change a diaper today, let alone play with her, take care of her etc... She cries because I can't pick her up lately to even give her a hug, she doesn't understand ANY of this and it's not fair!! She's already lost one parent, now she's losing me too!!

I KNOW that there are may people out there who are worse off than me but all I am asking is HOW DO YOU DO IT?? I can't take anymore pain meds because then I will be out of commision and my baby girl needs me!!

Today is going to be a TOUGH DAY!!
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