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THANK YOU!! Katie and Maria for the advice..

Amiah is now 13 months old and at her 1 yr appt she weighed 22 lbs. She is a VERY active, well behaved little angel. She has finally started to take steps, but is clingy, which I guess is to be expected since it is just me taking care of her anyways.. I just changed my pic, that was a pic of her and daddy. I MISS HIM SOOOOO MUCH!!

I am an emotional rollercoaster today!! Just when I thought I was strong!!!

I am VERY thankful to all of you who have given their time to listen to me, give me advice and generally just be there, I don't think you understand how much this means to me. God pointed me into the direction of this Forum for a reason and I am THANKFUL for that!!

As for a Pain Management doctor, I have not even been referred to one yet, in fact my doctor didn't even think I needed anything, it was the doctor in the ER that gave me what I have now, and even that I don't want to take too much of because a) Amiah is still breastfed in the morning and at night, b) I can't get too drowsy because I am the only one here with her.

Well, she has just climbed onto the couch with me and is looking at me like ' are you going to feed me lunch?'

Thanks again!!
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