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I am so sorry you lost your husband. It was indeed something terrible that happened to both you and your daughter. Now you will need a complete support system. This includes friends, relatives, in-laws, etc. Are you own parents, brothers, sisters, available to help you? What about volunteers from your local place oif worship? Other volunteer organizations?

If you have surgery, who's going to take care of both you and your daughter?

Though you already have a lot on your plate, this is something you need to take care of now. There are just too many emergency scenerios that might require other people in your life offering help and support.

So in addition to everything else you have to worry about, I suggest another priority is a multi-person support system/team. Like now!

I do hope you find relief, in more ways than your health. You are suffering and with luck and hope, there is a solution out there for you.

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