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Default Thank you!!

The outpouring of support is overwhelming, I can't believe it!! It is truly AMAZING!!

My husband died in a car accident when our daughter Amiah was 4 1/2 mths old. He was coming home after a business trip and was hit by a transport truck, the driver of the truck fell asleep behind the wheel and crossed the line hitting him head on, he died instantly, that I was told I should be thankful for. It has been EXTREMELY tough without him here, everytime I look at Amiah I am reminded of him because she is the spitting image of her daddy. I learned how to cope and manage and was doing REALLY well, until I went skiing and well you know how the story went from then.

Well, I am actually in the middle of taking her off the breast milk, she is on a bottle as well, it was just in the morning when she wakes up and at night after her bath that she likes to have the cuddle. I am going to try to get her to take bottles at those times instead.

If you want to talk about one person have 'bad' luck that would be ME!! The only family I have to help me here is my sister-in-law. My mother died when I was 19, she was not well and even though it was sad to lose her, I did not like to see her suffering. My father, well nuff' said.

I do have friends who come by to check up on me and call to make sure all is ok, I have one close friend who was the one who took me to the ER the other night, he tries to come by nightly to help with getting Amiah to bed, especially since he saw what happened the other night, but he as well works hard and has his own family.

All of my aunts and uncles live in Ireland & England, IF surgery is the next step then I am going to HAVE to call on one of them to come and help me out. As well, I do have friends who live about 5 or 6 hours away to call if they are needed. I just don't like to feel like I am pulling them away from their own lives and families......

This is HARD!! I would have NEVER imagined that this is the way life would have turned in less than a year...

Thank you to ALL of you for your support!!
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