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Originally Posted by SandyW View Post
You always think of questions after you leave and even if you have questions it's hard to get them to answer - your on your tummy with your face in a hole and nobody listens to you - I could hear the doctors talk and tried but no luck.
Sandy, Made me think of some funny things I have experienced on this journey.
First, I went to a dr and he and the nurse shared the same last name. I had kinda though they were maybe married; but wasn't really sure. He was real laid back, nice man and she was high sturng, didn't listen to a word you said and rude; so I thought surely they weren't a match. Well, before an office procedure, while the drugs are running into the IV, I decided to ask. Indeed, they were married. I was being sedated and shouldn't remember anything after this point; but being hard to sedate, I do remember. I listened as the other nurses went on and on about how much they disliked her and all the office politics. Kinda funny!

Next, when I had my ADR surgery, I had an idiot nurse miss my vein. No one misses my veins, they are huge. After she dug the large needle in my are for several minutes, I was in tears crying. She left and got an anesthiologist to try for a vein. I insisted this lady give me the numbing shot before putting the IV in. Well, this lady was even worse, digging and still not getting a vein. They finally put it in my hand (don't know why they didn't do that in the first place, I had huge bruises on my arm for weeks). I was crying and begging for drugs, thought I was going to puke. They start giving me the drugs, I don't remember this part; but hubby says I sat up, pointed at them and said "I'm mad at you, I can't believe you missed my vein, that hurt and on and on" They wheeled me back and proceded to try and knock me out. Hubby said the first thing the surgeon told him when surgery was over was that it was like knocking out a horse and that I just wouldn't quit talking about them missing my vein! I thought that was hilarious; because I am so not the confrontational type.

Anyway, your post reminded me of this.
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