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Originally Posted by SandyW View Post
Read my post at L4-5 Charite ADR Stenum for my bad and funny. We should send excerpts to Reader's Digest. Maybe make some money .
Wow, sounds like your after care was as shitty as mine. I like the prisoner of war analogy, as I felt the same way. I had this nurse, who I swear, got joy out of being mean to me and withholding my meds (that my surgeon ordered). I thought about checking out of the hospital, while I was still in ICU. I couldn't even walk and would have had to convince my husband to do this, against medical advice. The nurse who did this to me was fired after myself and the dr made complaints about her. I don't know why some people go into nursing? Seems like if you aren't the compassionate type, then you should go into another line of work!
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