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For those of you who've had surgery; are you glad you did it or regret it?
Which type? ADR
Which type Prodisc
At what spine level? l4-s1
How long ago? Feb 2008
What finally convinced you to decide to do it? Constant pain all conservative treatments failed, pain meds didn't work, felt desperate
44 Year Old, mom of 3
DDD - l4-s1- woke up Feb 2005 and couldn't walk
Tried PT, Injections, Accupuncture, drugs, etc.
2 level Prodisc ADR L4-S1, Feb. 18, 2008 Dr. Bertagnoli - Straubing, Germany - SUCCESS -

Now I struggle with Neck Pain likely c5-7
PT, injections, rhizotomy.......MRI and CT Myleo not consistent with pain symptoms, waiting that out, keeping my passport valid
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