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Another great day at SAS. These conferences are so very valuable. One of the highlights for me was during the discussion after one of the lumbar sessions. John Sutcliffe of the UK had presented data on 3-level lumbar patients with 2 year follow-up. He had reported 13 of 15 patients with VAS scores of zero. (This is great, but maybe too great to be true?)

The moderator, Matt Scott Young of Australia asked about constrained vs. unconstrained prostheses. Sutcliffe's data was on Charite' patients. MSY has done a lot of Charite's. Sutcliffe noted (what I have been saying for years) that the so-called constrained and semi constrained prostheses all have limits that are outside the limits of motion imposed by our anotomy. "Frankly, I don't think it makes a damned bit if difference", he said!

Congratulations to Justin Averna and his Spine Patient's Society. He's taken this to a high level. This is the first time I've seen a booth at a surgeon's conference for society that is by patients, for patients. It was manned by a client of mine that you should know. For those interested in SI issues, or just have too much time, hers is an amazing story:
I met Dr. Stark yesterday.
My SI Joint Fusion Surgery is coming up fast!
SI joint dysfunction? Dr. John Stark
Finally got the thumbs up for cervical injection!
I'm happy to say that she still hasn't had a hip replacement. Neither of us is pain free, but are both very happy to be how we are now compared to how we have been in the past.

Here I am with CindyLou at the SPS booth.

It's been tough getting through the days here... Way too much activity for me. But, I decided to med-up and go see Blue Man Group. What a spectacular show.

More tomorrow.

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