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Well, if it's any comfort to you , I had 3 prodiscs removed from my neck c4-c7 and had it converted to fusion. I did good for a year , then went downhill in a severe way (I started wondering if I was going to need social security disability the rest of my life), but there are medications that can really help. Today, I'm off all meds, take an occasional vicoden as needed, overall back to doing fantastic. Mark would be a great place to start to get ideas on what surgeon can remove it. I believe there may be enough surgeons by now who are experienced and qualified to perhaps even maybe find one on your sons insurance plan. For example. Texas back institute docs were on my humana and aetna plan. These guys are 100% qualified to remove ADR and convert to fusion. I think things will be fine once the ADR is out. Feel lucky it's not a lumbar removal, those are life threatening!! The neck is a breeze comparatively speaking. Good luck!!
2/26/09 - c4-c7 3 level ADR Prodisc Nova with Dr Bertagnoli. 100% success.

9/22/09 -Dr B opened me up to find a staph infection was eating my vertebrae causing ADR subsidence. Had to remove all 3 ADR's and convert to 3 level fusion. Mostly pain free 2 weeks post op.

9/20/10 - I think I jinxed myself. As soon as I told dr b and dr Sullivan I was doing well (on 6/1/10) I tanked and have experienced the return of pain. My neuro says the new pain is at t4.
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