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Default Do you regret surgery? Vote

For those of you who've had surgery; are you glad you did it or regret it?
Which type? Fusion or ADR
Which type of fusion or ADR?
At what spine level?
How long ago?
What finally convinced you to decide to do it? (optional).

I've been doing the research have a good idea of the pros and cons, but was curious as to what the numbers show. In about 5 weeks, I fear I may need to make a decision and I'm on the fence.

I don't know whether anyone has actually been keeping tabs, but I'll track all the responses and make them available for everyone to see (no name will be included, just the answers from above questions.
L5 Radiculopathy
2002: Bag lifting/chiro injury
2008: Slip & Fall in 2008
2002-08: 11 epidurals: L3 to S1
2003: L4-L5 Nuceloplasty
2004: L3-L4 Nucleoplasty
Dec 2008: Begin Functional Restoration Program
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