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Which type? ADR prodisc Nova

At what spine level? C4/5,C5/6,6/7

How long ago? As of this posting, 3 weeks ago (2/26/09) w/ Dr Bertagnoli Bogen, Germany

What finally convinced you to decide to do it? ....I was in really bad pain most evenings, painl evel 7-8. Even with meds, still in soe pain. It was taking away my social life and even sapping my will to live as living became about surviving each day.Had weird below the waste symptoms that dogged me also.

ANyways, at this time I am only 3 weeks post op but very pleased with results so far. All of my old pre op pain and symptoms are 100% gone! AMAZING!! Just having some surgery type pain now(feels more like inflamation) which I expect will subside over time. Im able to be off pain meds at 3 weeks post op and been doing treadmill and comfortably getting out and about, but I have a pain level 3 if I do, so I generally still prefer to take a little meds most days till I am further into my recovery.
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