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Insurance Issues Discuss ADR Fee how to calculate in the Main forums forums; I live in Japan and I am quite sure that no insurance cover the ADR surgery abroad for me. what ...

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Old 06-17-2009, 03:24 PM
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Default ADR Fee how to calculate

I live in Japan and I am quite sure that no insurance cover the ADR surgery abroad for me.

what I would like to know is what makes differences of fee when one person have same one level ADR by same surgeon.
I know it makes difference between l4l5 and l5s1 surgery but I think I saw some differences of fees even one same level ADR by same surgeon in ispine messageboard here.
25000 euro ? (u.s.dollar) to 45000 euro (u.s. dollar )?

does the fee difference relate with difficulty of the surgery ? like age or condition of that one level disc ?

sorry for my english, but it might give some good info to foreign patients in near future where ADR is quite new and with no insurance coverage.
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Old 06-17-2009, 04:51 PM
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Hello KenG,

Welcome and don't worry about English. If we can't understand something, we'll ask you.

Though some people quote the price of their surgery only, if you're looking at the form used on Surgical Outcomes, most quote the price they paid in total, which includes airfare, hotel expenses and often, the cost of someone accompanying them. In my case, Mark came with us too. Then, my quoted price was for 5 days in the hospital, I stayed for 9 days. I also decided to stay in Germany for 3 weeks, some only stay a few days following their release from the hospital.

I don't know the guidelines for Dr. B quoting a specific price for a specific surgery but we all have varied circumstances which add to the final cost. I believe that accounts for the differences.

Then of course, the exchange rate is forever changing.

3 level Prodisc adr S1-L3, Oct 12, 2005
Dr. B in Bogen, Germany
Severe nerve damage in left leg, still working on it
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Old 06-18-2009, 10:25 AM
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Hi dshobbies,

thanks a lot. now I figured out why they have a lot of differences in quotes.

the information I can get in my country is quite limited. so it is nice to be here and read as many posts as I can.
If I can have the ADR surgery sometime in near future, I think I will be the first lumbar ADR patient in my country.


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Old 02-19-2011, 07:47 AM
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Let's use an example to give you a better idea of how the ADR process works. Suppose a recent boom in the popularity of Bloody Mary drinks has increased the prospects for the vodka industry. Russian Vodka Inc. wants to list shares on the NYSE to gain exposure to the U.S. market and to tap into the growing demand for vodka.
Russian Vodka already trades on the Russian Stock Exchange at 127 Russian roubles, which, at this time, is equivalent to US$4.58. Let's say that a U.S. bank purchases 30 million shares from Russian Vodka Inc. and issues them in the U.S. at a ratio of 10:1. This means each ADR share you purchase is worth 10 shares on the Russian Stock Exchange. A quick calculation tells us that the new ADR should have an issue price of around US$45.80 each (10 times $4.58).
Once an ADR is priced and sold on the market, its price is determined by supply and demand, just like an ordinary stock. However, if the U.S. price varies too far from the Russian price after taking the currency exchange rate and the ratio of ADRs to home country shares into account, an arbitrage opportunity may arise. ADRs tend to follow the general trend of the home country shares, but this is not always the case.
ADRs present many other unique risks to investors; we'll examine these in the following section.
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