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Surgical Outcomes and Blogs Discuss Do you regret surgery? Vote in the Main forums forums; cost of plastic surgery procedures see information all about surgeries.. plastic@cosmetic surgery orthopedic surgery weight loss surgery cancer surgery ...

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Old 01-16-2013, 09:50 AM
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Default hi there,

cost of plastic surgery procedures
see information all about surgeries..
plastic@cosmetic surgery
orthopedic surgery
weight loss surgery
cancer surgery
vision surgery
Find out all about plastic surgery at Surgery.com.

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Old 05-13-2013, 05:51 AM
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Thumbs up going on 11 years post op

hi there, some of you from way back know me as nomorepain, it's been forever since my last visit that i couldn't figure out how to reactivate my account so waaaalaaaa i'm back. i am in july 11 yrs post op from my 2 level prodisc surgery in the medical study here in california. I still consider myself lucky, i am a success story.it's been a true blessing not to have the back pain i once had as Mark knows even my recovery was long.I would in a instant go through the surgery if it were presented again. now mind you when I went in for surgery, i wasn't sure if i'd wake up with the implants or a fusion, I'm happy with my results
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Old 11-13-2013, 06:25 AM
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Default Hi,

I wish you the best with getting back into the work environment. Chronic pain can really create an additional challenge to working at a regular job let alone a high pressure job.

I admire your efforts!

Originally Posted by marion View Post
Hi Phylly hope you revision surgery helps you

I have no regrets about surgery I am not pain free.
I take 2 Tramadol, 300mg Pregablin Co odymol x 6, and Voltarol x 3 a day.

I sometimes have bad pain but generally is getting better. Its is not as bad as it was, meaning I can go back to work which is brilliant news, but I am unconfident and struggling at times, hoping I can make it as it is a high pressured job (and I am the breadwinner!!) marion

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Old 11-17-2013, 05:56 PM
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Default surgeries

L5S1 discectomy 1989= glad
L4 percutaneous discectomy 1992= regretted big time for a long time re super failed outcome and lingering symptoms till about 2005

Other surgeries were recommended including 3 level global fusion, 2 level ADR, and hybrid surgery with ADR and fusion. I started to feel better around the time the last surgery was authorized and feared getting set back to anything like the level of pain I dealt with post L4 surgery.

I am glad to date I've had no more back surgery and am doing at least as well as I am spine wise. Daily pain med once/day and injection of Toradol occasionally for neck/back flare ups does wonders for me these days.
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Old 07-19-2014, 04:04 PM
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Default not sure

I just joined here so I wanted to vote as well.

Since my M6L has to be removed already and barely made 2 years with it,
My obvious vote is yes, I regret it.
$34,000 was a lot of money to spend for the length of time I got out of it.
I personally think the lumbar should be fused but I like that Zeegers uses clamps and not screws. If my cervicals need something, I would get ADR. The cervicals seem to do better when the proper doctor does them. Just my take on it.
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Old 07-19-2014, 07:54 PM
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Default No regrets for me.

I wonder why you only got 2 years out of your M6L. I wonder what is actually gone wrong with it. Maybe I need to read more of the thread.

You still need to know what your pain generators are. You need to determine if you have nerve pain, muscle pain or mechanical pain. Depending on the surgeon, they typically only care about the nerve pain. If they fix your mechanical or muscle pain in the process... it is only icing on the cake.

Be very careful. I don't regret surgery, having said that, I am disabled and my back is pretty much useless when it comes to physical activity. I take Lyrica for chronic pain in my legs and back. Somehow, I developed a sort of burning aching pain in my legs and back that gets unbarable with activity. The Lyrica helps a lot. But having said that, I get intense MECHANICAL pain in my lower back with increased activity. I have had four lumbar surgeries, 3 of which were fusions. One fusion was a re-do. I have degenerative changes above those areas. My muscles in my lower back are very weak and my right quadraceps is noticably smaller than the left from nerve damage.

So, I don't regret surgery. But in my younger years, I wish I was more respectful of my physical body and its limitations. A quote from my good friend who is a back surgeon, "There is no such thing as sports medicine when it comes to back surgery." You get one shot at taking care of it so take care of it good : ).

I have tried all sorts of therapy. Best therapy is getting in a pool up to your neck in water and walking. Move your body... especially the parts of it that are still working. Swing your arms and march like a soldier. Increase your range of motion as you can tolerate it. This will work your core muscles and circulate the blood. It will improve sleep. It takes a lot of different things to make yourself feel better. And, you very likely might have to re-define what will be your new normal with regards to physical activity. Do I regret surgery, "No." But, do I want another surgery? No fricken way do I want to have another surgery! You can't keep hacking on the same spot in you lower back and think everything will be cool. Even if it is an anterior approach.

Sorry if it sounds like I am ranting. Best to you and good luck with your situation. Avoid surgery at all cost.

QUOTE=Vicki_in_Florida;19092]I just joined here so I wanted to vote as well.

Since my M6L has to be removed already and barely made 2 years with it,
My obvious vote is yes, I regret it.
$34,000 was a lot of money to spend for the length of time I got out of it.
I personally think the lumbar should be fused but I like that Zeegers uses clamps and not screws. If my cervicals need something, I would get ADR. The cervicals seem to do better when the proper doctor does them. Just my take on it.[/quote]
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Old 09-19-2015, 02:10 PM
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What kind of surgery did you have? ADR? Fusion? When? At what vertebral levels?

Thank you.

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Old 07-26-2016, 11:36 AM
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Guys who are going for a surgery, there are two things that you need to bear in mind
1. Have a thorough knowledge about the procedure and it's success rate.
2. Get a second or third opinion, and find the best surgeon.
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Old 10-14-2016, 07:28 AM
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very happy , 2 level prodiscs L4/5 S1 in the trials 2002 a complete success in my book
I'd do it again
After a botched spinal tap where my L4/L5 disc exploded i underwent a laminectomy in 1979, and ran from spinal surgery ever since, then in 2002 i met DrDelamarter in Santa Monica- and my life as i knew it changed dramatically, I consider myself the "ProdiscPosterBoy" I am in the US Trials and one of the first in California to recieve 2 Lumbar Prodiscs, nomorepain-nomoremeds

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Old 04-16-2017, 04:45 AM
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Yes I regret the outcome. But I had no choice. My position was untenable. But now it is again, more so.

There is such horror, in life.

After 5 operations including adr excision left me with arachnoiditis and extensive nerve damage. I cannot sleep.

The situation wasn't helped by the gross incompetence of one Nicholas Boeree, who inserted the disc way off centre and fed himself and me blatant lies.

But he drove his motorbike into a truck, and I think he may have had a bit on his mind.

But ultimately it does not matter how I got here. I am here, at 34, and that is that. I don't know how I will survive as they refuse to pension me. It will be a hard and lonely life for me.

What I do regret is meeting the one I would have married, one who I loved without condition, and losing her as I was effectively disabled and unable to support her.

What I regret most of all is the time that is lost.

I was disabled by 28. Disabled again in a much worse fashion at 34.

Somewhere in there is 20 years of life, of raising a family, and of loving others and playing a productive role. Of LIFE.

That is what I've missed out on, due to the gross incompetence of surgeons.

I knew all this going in. At 28.

No one deserves that, at that age.

I can't explain what some of my friends did to me. The true friends just left me. Others attacked me, with joyful abandon.

I apologised to Lauren, and I was sorry for what I did. But I loved her with all my heart, and she asked me to wait for her.

And I did not know what those surgeons had done to me then. So I went back out into the world and fought like hell to rebuild, without knowing what was wrong with me. Only knowing that something was wrong.

But I could sleep then, yeah? I didn't have severe nerve damage, and I didn't have to take the massive drug doses with all the horrible psychological effects of lyrica. If I don't take them, I wake up every 15 minutes.

That's what they've done to me. It is criminal. But like all true crimes, they move on, and you live with the consequences forever.

It's not that I regret having the original surgery, as such. I was 28. I had this immense and powerful urge to build a life, and to start a family. I could not do any of that when I was essentially disabled.

So what choice did I have, if I wanted to live?

I think the truth is most people in this situation go through it after 50, and a large percentage end up disabled.

What I regret is what I've missed out on, what I could have given in those 20 years.

When I was 18, they told me I was mentally incompetent and would never become somebody. After I went to them for help. These doctors, they are so grossly foul and incompetent. I fought my way back from that and achieved much, after having to learn horrible lessons such as the poison of 'help'. How people put themselves on a pedestal, above the poor tragics they 'help'. I was friggen 16, for God's sake. They are insane.

So when they finished me permanently, physically, due to their gross incompetence again. Dragged it out of over 5 years. Tortured me with the hope, fixed me, took it away again after 6 months. I was so angry when it turned out their incompetence was never isolated to the spiritual, but to the corporeal as well. And it became so obvious what the history of medicine was, and the horrible things that have been are done to people in the name of it.

But the one thing that was not obvious, was the how or the why, and why I could not stand up after that operation. I suppose I only had a sense that something was wrong, and that Lauren was gone. Yet I achieved so much, in such pain. I took no medication, you see. But now I have entered a grosser disability, the complex one you see a lot on these forums, and few work. Most retire, if they are able.

I am managing to hold onto a phd atm. That will have to end soon. I am good at it, years of development in chemistry and engineering, intellectually I am still somewhat there even with the drugs. I would carve a career out of it easily, if God gave me my capabilities. I cannot return to work. I just can't keep a schedule as I cannot sleep, I am in obvious pain and the lyrica makes me not right in the head. With the ability to sleep and not take drugs, this for me is nothing. I don't mind some functional disability. If I could just sleep and stand up, it'd be ok. Guys like me, at my age, we get sent off to semi-employment. Menial casual work. That's what they've done to me, and where they've sent me in social class.

Do you know after having that friggen disc cut out of me, I ended up running an asphalt plant? It's unheard of you know. Take the burden off me, and I drive forward and achieve. That should have been my future, for 5 or 10 years. Maybe 20? God knows I worked and strived for it.

In the end4 I ended up getting dragged to court after a close friend shit all over me when the massive revision failed a year later. I didn't trust anyone until I gave it 6 months to see if it would hold. Got a house back, some friends - my DOG! A man must be able to look after his dog (I lost her now). Then I trusted everyone, as it was stable. And had it all taken from me. Not knowing what was happening to me, fought it all the way. But mentally breaking down as each operation suceeded then failed. 'I don't burn my bridges, I blow them right up'. I know the truth behind that statement is just that of someone who has sworn they would never go back to their state of illness. It was a pointless act, from a bitter person. I had the operations so I could be with my friends, who I loved. I am not like them. But I have done some wrong things.

I was always so afraid of this, but it is here now. I am sorry for what I did to Lauren. She accepted my apology, cos she never wanted this for me. She wanted me to go on and build elsewhere. and she knew I loved her.

Take care
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